Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For the Foodies and the Wanderers!

Do you have a passion for food?

Do you like going around the city to just eat at the newly opened restaurant?

You get affected by monotony and boredom every few weeks, and have an urge to travel?

If you said 'yes' to even one of the questions, welcome to the club!

We are the modern day youth. We ramble on in search of entertainment, food, spirituality, nature, you name it! We love to pamper the tongue and the tummy...

We, love food no matter where it comes from. Just like everyone, we super like places that serve good quality, tasty food at a lower cost. When we feel like dining in style we choose to go to the classy joints. In short, all this depends on how fat our wallet is!

Why the blog?

We all eat out very often. We all have a favorite local bakery or tea kadai which we think is better than any other place in the world! Its affordable, its tasty, its the next best after mom's cooking.

We aim to bring these local eateries to lime light. We plan to go there, eat there, feel the taste and write about it. We are just two people now, we'll write about all the places we know. We'd love to get some feedback/suggestion from all of you.

Just ping us if you want us to write about your favorite foodie joint. We love experimenting! We'll gladly try it. Who will not love to know where-to-eat-what's and what-to-eat-where's of the city?

We are absolutely CrAKo: Crazy About Kovai, completely head over heels for coimbatore. We love everything from the water to the people. Most of the people complain that we do not have anything to entertain us in the city. We may not have multiplexes and malls. But we have the ghats in our backyard. We have a lot in coimbatore, botanical gardens, temples, trekking spots, water falls, theme parks.. everything. Time to spread our wings, dont you think?